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Renaissance House of Pride

Renaissance was a fun time for all!  Two students from each house for each grade level were chosen to play in a basketball tournament for a friendly house competition.  The students received a little help from some high school basketball players.  The winning house received 50 house points.  The House of Pride came out on top!

CES House Leaders Recognized
House Leaders Recognized at the Board Meeting House Leaders

 Rising fifth graders apply to become house leaders, and are carefully chosen based on character, house spirit, school spirit, and leadership qualities. House leaders are involved in every aspect of house days from planning to participating. They attend monthly meetings with the house sponsors and Mr. Sikes to share ideas for upcoming house days and competitions as well as share feedback from other students in their house. In November, they helped organize and lead the Can Food Drive which raised 1,700 cans! The most important role of a house leader is to keep all of the students in his or her house PUMPED up! They lead house cheers and activities at each house day.  Our fifth grade house leaders were recognized at the February board meeting.  The house leaders are Perseverance: Chase Johnson, Pride: Maddie Scoggins, Tradition: Whitney Blaylock, and Valor: Gabbi Cherry.

APEX Fun Run Ice Bucket Challenge

The PTO fundraiser was a huge success.  The students earned over $1800.00 per lap and had a great time doing it.  As their reward for raising so much money, Mr. Sikes agreed to do the Ice Bucket Challenge and had 3 buckets of ice cold water dumped over his head!

ice bucket