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Board Policy Student Conduct

Board Policy Student Conduct

Descriptor Code: JCD



It is the policy of the Board of Education that each school within this school district shall develop and implement age-appropriate student codes of conduct designed to improve the student learning environment and which will comply with state law and State Board of Education Rules. Each code of conduct shall include the following, at a minimum:

1.    Standards of student behavior during school hours, at school related functions, on school buses and at school bus stops designed to create the expectation that students will behave themselves in such a way so as to facilitate a learning environment for themselves and other students. The standards should be designed also to encourage students to respect each other and school district employees, to motivate students to obey student behavior policies adopted by this Board and to obey student behavior rules established at each school within this school district;

2.    Behavior support processes designed to consider, as appropriate in light of the severity of the behavioral problem, support services available at each school, the school system and other public entities or community organizations which may assist students to address behavioral problems;

3.    Progressive discipline processes designed to create the expectation that the degree of discipline imposed by each school will be in proportion to the severity of the behavior of a particular student, the previous discipline history of the student and other relevant factors, while ensuring that each student receives the due process mandated by federal and state law;

4.    Parental involvement processes designed to enable parents, guardians, teachers and school administrators to work together to improve and enhance student behavior and academic performance.  The process should enable parents, guardians and school employees to communicate freely their concerns about student behaviors that detract from the learning environment;

5.    All other specific requirements as set forth in any existing State Board of Education rule or in Georgia law.

Each school shall involve parents in developing and updating student codes of conduct. Each code shall require disciplinary action for each infraction of the code.  A copy of each student code of conduct shall be provided to the board for its approval.

The student code of conduct shall be distributed to each student and the student's parents or guardians during the first week of school and upon enrollment of each new student. The parents shall be requested to sign an acknowledgment of the receipt of the code of conduct and return promptly the acknowledgment to the school. The student code of conduct shall be available in the school office and each classroom.

The Chickamauga City School System expressly prohibits the bullying of any person, by any means or method, at school, on school property or at school related functions.  The system has adopted a separate policy (JCDAG) which expressly addresses bullying.


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